Start Collecting: Black Powder Napoleonic British (Waterloo)

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Start 2022 with a new Napoleonic British Black Powder Army with this bundle!

During the Peninsular Campaign, the British had excelled, whether attacking or defending, but they were unbeatable when they were formed on the reverse slope of a ridge. this defensive tactic had ensured that many French commanders were wary of attacking the English battle line. wellington took great care to shelter his lads out of sight of the enemy and with secure flanks. He would line the crest with his artillery and throw out large numbers of skirmishers onto the forward slope to contest the French, advancing to the ‘pas de charge’ drum beat, or ‘old trousers’ as the British called it. the enemy, unsure as to the location of wellington’s main force, more often than not had blundered into British lines without being in the correct formation for the tactical situation. they would then be thrown into confusion by close-range volleys whilst trying to deploy, and a loud cheer would signal a controlled bayonet charge that would sweep the disordered French away. the Hundred Days campaign would see these tactics tested to the limit, some French commanders having learned from their mistakes on the Peninsula.

Bundle contents:

  • Napoleonic British Starter Army (Waterloo Campaign)
  • 95th Rifles - Chosen Men
  • Napoleonic British Royal Horse Artillery 6-pdr cannon
  • Wellington & Picton (Waterloo)

Plus Free

  • British Household Brigade

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Start Collecting: Black Powder Napoleonic British (Waterloo)
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