The Complete Tribal Nations Warband

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Prior to the arrival of Europeans in North America, indigenous communities spanned the continent and their population numbered in the millions. These diverse native people thrived in nearly every habitat found across the continent; from the permafrost tundra in the far north to the dense hardwood forests of the northeast; from the endless grass in the western plains to the stifling and hostile marshlands along the southern coastline. Primarily organized into small, closely-knit groups, the people lived in harmony with nature and established complex social systems rivalling those existing in other parts of the world, including Europe. At times, these groups would come together to form powerful alliances.

The Children of the Tribal Nations are designed to play as a hit and run, finesse army. They are a fast, lightly armoured force that seeks to attack from cover while flanking the enemy with packs of quick beasts. The Tribal Nations tend to avoid direct confrontation with enemy infantry as their lack of armour makes them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Nations units favour ranged attacks and always take advantage of terrain to gain resistance bonuses and to leverage their mobility.

This bundle gives you one of every box set available to the Tribal Nations Warband in Mythic Americas, giving the ultimate flexibility in tabletop tactics, army composition and pure visual variety and flair. A full Mythic Americas warband looks truly resplendent on the tabletop – the miniatures lending themselves to particularly vibrant, striking colour palettes. For even better value, you’ll get the Sachem Warlord mounted on War Eagle completely free.

The full bundle contents are:

  • Sachem Warlord
  • Medicine Man
  • Mohawk Warriors With Clubs
  • Mohawk Warriors with Tomahawks
  • Seneca Archers
  • Wolves
  • Sasquatches
  • Nations: War Eagles
  • Wendigo


  • FREE Sachem Warlord on War Eagle

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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