Epic Battles: American Civil War Command strips
The Confederate and Union Infantry Brigade plastic sprues are designed to allow for regiments comprising 5 stands. These ACW Command strips allow players, should they wish, to field smaller units. These strips will replace one front rank strip from the...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Skirmishers
Skirmishing troops were important parts of Union and Confederate battleplans during the American Civil War. Ranging ahead of the main attack columns, skirmishers advanced in loose formations to harass the enemy, draw fire, and 'screen' the troops behind them ahead...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Limber
Each gun in an artillery battery was drawn by a limber pulled by four or six horses and the battery’s ammunition was carried in the limber as well as in caissons. Some batteries were also designated as light, or horse,...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Union Command
Ulysses S. Grant: Ulysses Simpson Grant, or more accurately Hiram Ulysses Grant (he was registered incorrectly at West Point) was a total failure. He failed in several business ventures; when president his administration was rocked by scandals; he lost most...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Confederate Command
Robert E. Lee: The son of ‘Light Horse Harry’ Lee, an officer who served in a previous rebellion, Robert Edward Lee graduated top in his class at West Point at the start of his military career. He was an accomplished...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Wagon
This wagon can be used to represent either a US Army supply wagon or a Rebel one. Often wagons would be employed to support artillery batteries. These models add extra flavour to a battlefield, whether in support of your artillery...
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Black Powder: American Civil War Casualty Markers
During the cause of the game a Black Powder General will have a need to track their regiment’s casualties. These casualty markers feature prominent markers enabling just that – Track wounds effectively and with a visual flourish. These are generic,...
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Epic Battles: American Civil War Dismounted Cavalry
The role of Cavalry during the American Civil War went through a peculiar evolution. The realities of the evolving battlefield required a change from the tactics of previous wars. A headlong charge into formed enemy infantry or artillery became an...
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